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IGI 2 Covert Strike Game

IGI 2 Covert Strike Game Free Download full versionIGI 2 Covert Strike is a tactical shooting game that is released and published by Codemasters. I have remember that this company has also launched a few products of Cricket series too and they have worked on it in the beginning of their journey and I have remember that when I bought my first PC, then I got these games from the shopkeeper where I bought my first computer and I had the good experience with my first computer and it was a new thing for me and I was found of the gaming and I think that it was the only reason that I’ve requested my parents to buy me a computer and they have completed my request and brought a computer for me and it was for my elder and younger brother too, but the time has been changed now.

We are three brothers and we now have our own PCs and laptops too so, It’s all about the lack we have so, let’s move to the properties of the game too and we have also provided the first part of the same series too and you can get it from this website, but you have to make some effort to get visit the page for the IGI 1 game download so, we have provided the link in the current section of IGI 2 and I hope that you will enjoy the whole series that I gonna provide on this website and don’t worry about the new installments because I will also provide all the new products of the series too.

Screenshots Of IGI 2 Covert Strike Game

IGI 2 Game Free Download For PC

IGI 2 Covert Strike Game Free Download For Windows 7 32 bit

IGI 2 Covert Strike Game Free Download For Windows 10 64-bit

IGI 2 Game Free Download Highly Compressed Utorrent

IGI 2 Setup ISO Game Free Download For Windows XP

Description Of IGI 2 Game

As I told you in the first installment of the series that you can use the cheat codes for this game and there are a lot of codes, but you have remember them because when you need any gun, then you have to remember its code, then type during the game, then you will have the guns and they will give you a control button that will help you to change the guns because a single code is used to get the full type of guns and you will enjoy the shooting at the stage because it will give you the pleasure and you can enjoy it on your computer now.

This is also similar to the first game and you will have the proper team of solders, then you have to manage them and have give them target to kill that enemy in the certain duration and if they get success in your mission, then you will be promoted to new mission and that’s how you will end it as soon as you can, but it’s damn difficult to end the game without the use of the cheat code. You have to refresh the damage power again and  again otherwise, you will be killed by your enemies and they have took the mission to kill you so, you have to be positive there otherwise, you will be hurt by them.

You will get the complete variety of weapons too and there would be a tanker too that will help you, when you are just about to die and it will help to save you from the enemies because you have to sit inside it and there would be a controller of the gun that is placed in the tanker that you will use. The tanker would be full of fires and it’s containing a highly trusted bombs that you can throw at any time and anywhere, but you have to take care about one thing that you don’t fire to your friends who will help you to get success in your mission otherwise, you will get more damage.

I have provided some shots in the above section and you can check it and one thing is noticeable that the guy is in the different different places in the different screenshots so, you have to check these places and it’s designed in the best way where the users of the game got impressed by the game and they have promoted it very well too because if you will play the game and there would be many downloader of the game so, it will get more famous value and that’s how you can also promote a game and when you will give positive rating comments in the comment section, then people will attract more by this game.

when I tried to download something from the internet, then I tried to get the comments of that article and if get satisfied from the comments, then I go to download it otherwise, I change my mind and visit another website to get the same thing with better quality so, I will prefer to provide the higher quality of everything what is belong to you and what you can do for the people. If you will satisfied your users, then he/she will return on your website again and again and will also suggest to his friends about your site too so, this is how you can get higher rank for your website.

System Requirements Of IGI 2 Game

There are not enough specification of the game, but it’s not compulsory that you can run it on 3rd class computer system too and you must have normal processing computer, then you can play it on your computer and this is compulsory that you have the normal processing computer and not below than this. I gonna provide the requirements of the game and your computer should meet it, if your computer really reads it properly otherwise, you would not play it.

  1. Pentium 4
  2. Ram = 512 MB
  3. Graphics Card = 32 MB
  4. Windows XP, Windows 7+Windows 8.1+Windows 10
  5. 32-bit and 64-bits are supported
  6. Hard Disk Space = 2 GB

These above specifications belong to the requirements of the IGI 2 game and it a bit differs from the first game specification so, you should enjoy it on your computer with having the provided requirements in your computer.

Feature Of IGI 2 Game

IGI 2 First-Person Shooting Game

This is the tactical shooting game that is also known as first-person shooting game and the whole series is designed in such a way that it could be counted as first-person shooting game and I hope that you will also like this article. IGI 2 is released by Codemasters and this is the most famous company and I know that it provided many famous installments in the 20th century, but I have not checked their profile now-a-days so, I’m not sure that this company is still producing any installment or not, but you can get it know from the Google easily.

What’s Role Of IGI 2 In Series?

After the success of IGI 1, the company thought to provide the 2nd part of the series with including the feature that were not the part of the first installment or they wanted to improve some things that are left with low skills or 0 performance so, they worked on those things and made an update that is called IGI 2 game so, when the first game became popular, then they made the improvements and published on their website and the users who enjoyed the first installment were willing to play the second installments because they knew that this would be much better than the first one so, the company also wanted to meet the expectation of the lovers too and they tried their best and they finally got the result of their job. Many of the people like the second one and there are few else who had not played the first game and they had the good experience with the second one so, they had the desire to play the first installment too.

What’s New In IGI 2 As Compared To IGI 1?

There are few things that are always expected in the update of any game and they really make the improvements in the graphics of the game so, you will get the better quality of the graphics in the latest version and this is the main thing that is most expected from the releasing company. There are many other improvements in the new game and they have also designed it well than the first one even they have launched many new guns in the second part of the series. This series is including many installments and I will just provide the complete + most famous products so, you have to be with us to get the complete variety of IGI games.

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Updated: January 3, 2018 — 7:04 pm

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