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Project IGI 1 Game

Project IGI 1 Game Free DownloadProject IGI 1 is a shooting game and that’s the first product of the series. We will also provide all other installments of the series, but we have just started work on this series so, I’m providing the first game of the series. There are total 7-8 games in the series and I will try to provide those all games on this website. We also work on software so, we have to make the articles on the software too so, you have to show some patience to get download all the products of the series. Recently, Autodesk provided the latest version of it so, I want to keep my users update with latest version and I have stopped gaming articles and provided autocad 2017 free download on this website. I’m getting good response on that article too because these are called the most popular software series so, we have to work on these types of software, which have the aggressive value, but we are currently providing the game so, let’s move to it.

IGI 1 is full of mission game and you have to pass many missions that are existed inside the game. There are the levels of the missions two, when you will reach at the starting level, you will get easy missions, but once, you moved to the center of the game, then you will face more difficult missions as compared to starting missions and when you will move to final stages, then you will face more difficult stages and this is also an adventure game and I have the good experience with this game so, I will able to keep you up-to-date with latest series.

Screenshots Of IGI 1 Game

Project IGI 1 Game Free Download For Windows 7 32-bit

IGI 1 Game free Download For Windows 10 64-bit

IGI 1 Game Free Download For Windows 8.1 utorrent

IGI 1 Game Free Download Highly Compressed

IGI 1 ISO Setup Game Free Download Kickass

Description Of IGI 1 Game

The description section is started from here. We will provide the complete information about IGI 1 game. There are the solders too and I have played a long duration ago so, I have forgot some scenes from the game too, but I have remember it a bit too. You will get many solders and you will lead them and have to manage them all with the provided situation. You will need to visit many places there and most of them will be full of enemies and you have to kill your enemies and they will also try to finish you then and there, but you have to beware of those enemies and have to perform the task with having the good sense.

Your enemies will also have weapons and most of them must have the guns that are loaded all the time. You will get every type of gun there and you have to use there and you can get a gun on the request too, but you have to pay something for that because I have not remember that the cheat codes work there or not, but it works actually, but I’m not damn sure about that so, you have to play it, then you will come to know that the cheat codes actually work or not and when you will get know about that, then you should make comment below to let me know that.

I have googled it and I have got many of the cheat code that are used in this game and you have to type the code to get the different type of gun there even you can get every type of weapons there, but you have to remember the code for the required thing because they will never offer you to check the code first, then type in the game, you will be lack of the time so, you have to be there with sense otherwise, you will be killed there and your enemies will just have the aim to kill you. You will get the damage power too and you have to pass the stage before closing the damage power.

There is a code named with “all guns” you will get the complete variety of guns, when you will press this code and I hope that you will get your favorite gun there because it’s not easy to get the favorite gun on the reality so, we can play the games to console ourselves, but when you will play it, then you will never delete it from your PC because when you play any game, then you become addict of that game. I was addict of GTA vice city and the common thing is that you can use the cheat codes in both games and that’s the good thing in them because I have ended it many times so, I know that you can’t get them finish without having the cheat codes.

The installation procedure is also easy for this game because it’s the first installment of the series so, it does not take enough space of your computer so, you just need to download it from this website, then you have to unpack the RAR file and then you will get a folder and install the setup properly, then you can play it on your computer and it’s normal standard game so, you can run it on 32-bit and 64-bit whatever you currently have in your computer that time.

System Requirements Of Project IGI 1 Game

This is the first game of the series as I told you so, it will not too much space of your computer, but when you will move forward to the new products of the game, then you will get games with higher quality of the print with containing the high computer specification. We gonna provide the minimum requirements of the game so, your computer must meet this requirements.

  • Pentium 3
  • Ram = 512 MB
  • Windows XP, vista, Windows 7+Windows 10
  • 32-bit and 64-bits are supported for this game
  • Graphics Card = 32 MB
  • Hard Disk Space = 800 MB

These above lines belongs to the specification of the game so, you have to meet this requirements at least.

Feature Of IGI 1 Game

Project IGI 1 Tactical Game

You can also call it IGI 1 first person shooting game because it’s containing the mixture of adventure, fighting and shooting too so, you have to face a war with including the weapons and these are called new generation war and it’s totally different from the previous one. I have not proper information about first-person or third-person shooting games so, I will Google it and you have to stay connect with us to get the information about that.

What’s the Role Of IGI 1 In Series ?

This the main question that came in a lot of persons and the answer is that this game played a leading role in the complete series because many of the people attracted from this game so, they have decided to play the new installments of the series and that’s how it’s leading the complete series and I know that it was not including many things that are available in the latest version, but it just meets the situation of the releasing year time because if we compare the date of the oldest version and latest version, then we will get a clear difference of the thinking of the people and when the first game was released newly, then people were praising the game and it got old, but people are still found of this game.

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Updated: January 2, 2018 — 6:59 pm

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