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GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City Setup Game Free Download Full VersionGTA vice city is a free game that is released for the multiple operating system and you are able to play it, when you will met the specification of the installment because your computer must be able to run  it otherwise, you can’t enjoy it on you computer. You can see the cover photo and it is just awesome. I took the different cover photo and it’s not the official cover photo of the installment. GTA Vice City is officially released by the Rockstar games. We have saw the enough products of the Rock Star and those all are just awesome and that is actually released by the advanced Rockstar games. We have provided few else products too, but we gonna interlinked some else article that is tekken 3 game free download because this the latest article on our website so, you have to avail it. We provide all the games with the 100% working method to run it so, you don’t need to take worry about it.

This was the first installment that I played on my Pentium 4 because I bought pentium 3 first time in my life so, i was not supporting vice city because the issue was that it worked on windows XP , but I had the Windows 98 that time so, it was a bit tough for me to play this installment, but I upgraded my computer, then I bought my first Pentium 4, Then I played it first time on my computer, but it was the best feeling that I ever have in my life, then I  passed all the starting stages so, I played it with fully confidence, I passed all the stages, but there as a mission named as “A” and where we have to drop the bombs in a build and then we have to continuously drop 4 bombs after that the build will get smash. You will passed the mission, but it’s damn tough mission because you can take it seriously until you go for that mission and maybe that you have ended it in your life, then you have the idea of the difficulty of the stage. You should make control on your handle first, but it’s including the different buttons and works on opposite direction means that if you press left button, then the helicopter will move at right side so, that’s the logic of the helicopter.

You will face many problems while putting those bombs. The problem is that you have to pass the mission in give time and if you would not able to do this in the provided time, then you will get fail because you did not pass the stage in the provided time so, you have to pass the stage in the provided and they give 8 minutes to pass the mission, but this is the most difficult mission that I have ever seen here because it’s very difficult to pick and drop the bombs at the specific place. You have to drop the first bomb at the first flop, then you have to drop the second bomb in the second floor while the third one will be drop at the 3rd floor while there is no forth floor in the installment so, you have to put it 3rd floor, but at specific place. There are total 3 floors of the build and it’s the construction building so, many things of the construction will be lying there. You need to ignore all those things.  The most worst thing is the control of the helicopter. If you get the complete control of the helicopter, then you can easily pass the stage because that’s the main thing we have to do here and will not have any other issue at all.

Screenshots Of GTA Vice City PC Game

Grand Theft Auto Vic City Game Free Download For Windows 7 32 bit

GTA Vice City Game Free Download Kickass For Widnowss 10 64 bit

GTA Vice City Free Download 100% Working For Windows xp

GTA Vice city Game Free Download Fast For windows 8

Description Of Grand Theft Auto Vice City Game

The cars in the installment are developed by the special work. The publisher made the enough effort to get release all the new cars inside the installment while all the other cars were not the part of the installment. We have to put a look at the cars of the installment. All the cars are highly designed by the developer. We can also get the cars by just putting the command or you can also called it “cheat code” too because that’s the easiest way to get the car inside the installment. I will record some cars in the installment and you can get know that “Gettherefast” you have to use this code to get the car and if you will get the amazing car. I have used all the cars inside the installment. These cars are just awesome. There is no concept of patrol because we don’t need to put the patrol in the cars so, you don’t need to take worry about it, but you can make the service of the car, but you have to spend 10$ to wash or service the car.

We have to buy the houses here and should do the missions there because it’s compulsory to pass all the missions because many missions are held in the houses so, you have to buy them by the dollars. We need to get the dollars first and I have given the awesome strategy to get the dollars inside the installment and I have provided it in the GTA 5 game free download. We need to make the dollars first, then you would be able to buy all the houses. We need to buy all the houses because it’s damn compulsory. I gonna tell the method to get the dollars inside the installment. You have to just follow me in this regard. You need to start the mission by pressing tab button, then you need to kill the enemies that are standing on the different directions of the area, but you don’t need to make the move because I have the awesome solution for this problem because you just need to use the cheat code of “bangbangbang” then all the vehicles will be smashed and the guys who were standing with any vehicle with get murder so, you have to stand away from any bike or car. This was the simplest way to earn the dollars here, but once, you pass the mission, then you have you sit in the car to start the mission again by pressing the Tab button, then you need to put the cheat code of the tanker, you need to put “panzer” code there, a tanker will be come there and you have to sit on it first, then you have to press the tab button, the second mission will be started after pressing the button. You need to get out from the tanker again.

You can play GTA vice city on all the operating systems of Microsoft windows and you can enjoy it on all the windows operating system even you can play Gta vice city on x64 or x86 operating system.

How To Install GTA Vice City Game For PC?

There are two specific method to install it and both are easy and I gonna give you the both methods because you can install it properly after it. We are providing two links here and one of them is highly compressed version so, you need to follow me in this regard and the else one is ISO file and you have to mount it using the daemon Tool lite.

First of all get it from this website the highly compressed file. You need to open it using Winrar and have to extract it first, then you need to unzup a setup file there. You need to wait till it does not get complete so, when it gets complete, then open the folder where you have unzup the setup file. You have to open the folder and before opening the launcher, you need to register it first, there will be a file of registry. You need to click on it, then click on “Yes”, then the game will be registered.

First of all, get the file from this website and then extract it using Winrar. There will be two ISO files in the folder. You need to mount the first file using the Daemon tool lite. After mounting the image, then open the CD drive of GTA vice city that is mounted on My Computer and open the setup, install the setup properly and after installing it, you need to mount the second image and there will be a crack folder. You need to copy all the files that are inside the  crack folder. Paste it in the folder where you have installed the gta vice  city using the first ISO file.

System Requirements Of GTA Vie City Game

There are two section of the requirements. You need to meet this requirements even we are providing the recommended + minimum requirements for the computer so, you need to follow it properly. Your computer must this requirements otherwise, you will have any error while installing it or it may cause slow speed while playing it.

Minimum Requirements Of GTA Vice City

  • Pentium 4
  • Ram = 512 MB
  • Windows Xp, vista, Windows 2000
  • Hard Disk Space = 700 MB
  • Graphics Card = 32 MB

Recommended Requirements Of GTA Vie City

  • Pentium 4
  • Ram = 1 GB
  • hard Disk Space = 1.5 GB
  • Windows 7, Windows 7+Windows 8.1+Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit)
  • Sound
  • Graphics Card = 64 MB

Most Facing Problems During Installation Of GTA Vice city?

1 Low Disk Space

It occurs, when your computer don’t have enough remaining space in your computer. You need to make some space free in your computer, then you would be able to install the setup completely. You can also use CCleaner in this regard because such software is used to remove such errors from your computer and if you are having this error, then you have to go for it otherwise, you will get more problem so, should avail the chance in the first try.

2 Unsupported Operating System

It occurs, when you make try to install a file of different operating system means that you have a file of 64-bit operating system, then you make try to install that file on 32-bit operating system, then this error expected and will arrive at any cost because if you are having this issue so, you have to check it before installing in your computer or you have to download the file according to the operating system that you currently have in your computer. this game works on both operating system so, this paragraph is used as formality here.

3 Windows File Missing

It occurs, when any required file of Microsoft windows is missing from it so, you have to add the required file in your computer, then you would be able to continue the setup installation or you have to install Virtual C++ in this regard because such software is used to remove such errors from your computer so, you must this software in your computer, then you will not have any other issue related to this one.

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Updated: July 29, 2017 — 8:15 pm


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